The Timeless Charm Of Sean’s Bar: Oldest Pub In Ireland And Contender For World’s Oldest Pub

If you’re ever in Ireland, you can’t miss Sean’s Bar in Athlone! It’s not just any old pub – it’s the oldest in Ireland, and maybe even the world. This place has been around since 900 CE, so it’s seen a lot of history!

Sean's Bar

Legend has it that the first owner was a kind innkeeper who helped travelers cross the River Shannon before there was a bridge in Athlone. What a guy!

In the 1970s, the bar was renovated and they discovered just how old it really was. They even kept some of the original design so visitors can see what it looked like back in the day. Even if you’re not a drinker, history buffs will love this place!
In 1968, Sean Fitzsimons became the new owner of this pub and gave it a new name. The walls of the bar are covered with records of all the previous owners, including a certificate with the name of Boy George, who briefly owned it in 1987.

Sean's Bar

Sean’s Bar has a cozy atmosphere with a dark wood bar, a warm fireplace, and live traditional Irish music. They serve a delicious pint of Guinness on tap and their own selection of Irish whiskeys.

Although Sean’s Bar has not officially been declared the oldest pub in the world, it proudly claims the title. Come and be a part of its rich history. We guarantee that you won’t regret visiting this historic pub!